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Cash control during these strange times

And these are indeed strange times, especially if you haven’t lived through 2000-2002 and 2007-2008 recessions and difficulty in finding money from banks and investors. The simple economic truth Here is a simple economic truth.  Fixed overhead continues to eat … Continue reading

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Could you be your company’s bottleneck?

So many tasks; so little time As a manager, you have a number of critical tasks that are general to your position as opposed to specific to your industry.  These include ensuring the continued health of the organization, setting the … Continue reading

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Reduce five risks: Increase your valuation

Why five risks? In the creation of a young company, there are five principal risks to be addressed by the entrepreneur.  Professional investors will probe these five risk areas and make the decision to invest based upon comfort with each.  … Continue reading

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Do you empower others?

So, we’ve previously discussed why it is important for you to build consensus in an organization in most every major decision.  To do that, you must be able to relinquish some degree of power, overriding decisions made by consensus only … Continue reading

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Why recurring revenues increase your company’s value

The massive shift in revenue models in recent years Have you noticed how many web apps and content have turned into subscription services during the last several years?  Call it the Netflix effect.  Application developers once considered their products as … Continue reading

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Hire for your core. Partner for the rest.

A trend for businesses large and small There is a major trend shaping up that is worldwide, already identified by hundreds of thousands of startup and small business CEO’s.  By carefully recognizing and focusing upon the very core of the … Continue reading

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Do you take those loyal, key customers for granted?

OK.  We know that an executive’s job is not easy. Nor is there much time in a typical day for outreach of any kind. Especially in your growing company, you are drawn into daily process issues by all of your … Continue reading

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Should a leader support constant change?

The worrying that always precedes a change When a new CEO or manager is hired into a company, for a while lots of energy flows from the top and new ideas seem to be generated daily.  It is one reason … Continue reading

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Reinvent your business!

Businesses that forgot to reinvent If only newspaper publishers, book publishers, record companies, and movie producers would have had the vision to see their future as we now see it, we might have become a digital society with much less … Continue reading

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Five ways to make your company stand out.

There must be at least several companies out there right now positioning to compete with you.  If you’re large enough, you may be the target, and if smaller, you are the minnow not the shark – and need to be … Continue reading

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