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Can you get to the right person when you need to?

Can your contact solve real-world issues? I recently experienced an amazing effort of outreach by a vice president of a large national customer asking for a meeting with the product development team of a critical supplier, one of “my” companies.  … Continue reading

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What can we learn from the non-profit world?

In the non–profit world, the term, “time, talent and treasure” has been used so often it is almost at the edge of being trite.  It’s used in that arena to describe a volunteer’s sacrifice in support of the non–profit enterprise. … Continue reading

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Recurring revenues: Oil or glue?

Some types of businesses generate more and more recurring revenues over time, often growing to a size where recurring revenues pay all of the overhead of the company – an enviable position. The surprising recurring revenue trap There is a … Continue reading

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Looking to be acquired? Think the 10/40 or 20/20 rules.

Public companies looking to acquire your growing enterprise usually have a few financial measures that help them weed out those candidates that will be too expensive in terms of effort or of too little financial attractiveness. The first rule: 10/40: … Continue reading

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Clues: How to think like a growth CEO

Growth CEOs differ from those who merely station–keep their way into the status quo, protecting the enterprise by reducing risk and cost – without creating a vision and action plan for growth. Here is how to test yourself. Here is … Continue reading

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Customer loyalty comes in four special forms.

Repeat customers, raving fans, angry backlashers, commodity shoppers.  Wow, what a range of loyalty these represent.  And in your years, you may have experienced all of these. First, negative kinds of loyalty: Here’s another way to look at the ladder … Continue reading

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Rinse and repeat: revitalizing your business

Here’s a statement that you never thought would apply to your business planning.  Sometimes we get stuck in the muck with our marketing, product, management focus, and in keeping up with trends. It is natural for executives and entrepreneurs with … Continue reading

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Meetings insight: Just three actionable items!

How do you get your team to focus and move forward effectively?  A fellow CEO recently told me of her method of assuring positive movement within her team.  She holds a weekly meeting of her direct reports and asks them … Continue reading

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A Lesson: It’s what you ask, not what you know.

A true story with a moral for all of us A friend recently told me a story that had nothing to do with business, but unintentionally had a great lesson for all of us.  He had asked his arborist if … Continue reading

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Should you battle the dragon? Or just avoid the encounter?

Frustrated by a competitor that wins when you should have? Sometimes a competitor is just too entrenched, too strong, too well equipped to directly face in battle.  At least that is the conventional wisdom.  Yet, there are constant examples of … Continue reading

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