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Fewer words, greater effect.

I have a good business friend, an experienced manager and teacher with a Harvard MBA, whose creativity and intelligence are admired by many.  But he dilutes his effectiveness with wordy PowerPoint presentations.  It has become a long running joke between … Continue reading

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Could you be the next Ford, Jobs or Musk?

Well, it’s a fair question. Note that none of these three famous innovators were inventors like Thomas Edison, but visionaries who see a new marketplace or niche or how to reach the mass market in ways not previously attempted. Innovation … Continue reading

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Sharpen your business vision!

I love absolute statements. Pardon my English. But this is one of my favorite statements.  You’re at the ignition stage of your newest business venture.  Of course, you have a vision for what you will do to change the world.  … Continue reading

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Protect your company secrets!

Let’s create a use case. Most senior and middle level managers will understand when a subordinate comes to them to resign and begin a new business.  But all will immediately question whether the new business will compete in any way … Continue reading

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Is it YOU or your great plan?

So, what do you think is more important? There may be more choices here. But the most important ones for any size business, including start-ups, is: Do you believe it should be the quality of your management team, or the … Continue reading

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Are you at risk for tech killing your job?

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. “My job as a (newspaper publisher telephone installer, stockbroker, travel agent, retail store manager) writer, poet, commercial artist – is safe as this economy continues to grow.”  Yup. Thought so. We are … Continue reading

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Are you a dictator about sales deadlines?

Everyone who manages a company, a workgroup or a sales force wants to write as many new deals as possible and is usually wary about doing anything that might threaten the positive outcome of a pending sale. We hesitate to … Continue reading

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What are the odds of your startup’s success?

Well, the numbers don’t lie, even if there are several sources of these statistics.  Starting a company is HARD – in so many ways.  And risky too. Let’s start with a restaurant -not our thing. But… I read several years … Continue reading

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Nothing good happens after midnight!

Here’s another one from my Dad, a very wise man. He gave me this advice right after I received my driver’s license years ago.  It took years to understand the importance of this prophetic statement. Taking this advice literally: Gun … Continue reading

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So, what’s a company board good for, anyway?

Some of you have gotten along forever without a board of directors, or used your spouse as the “other” board member from the start.  But there are some very good reasons to build a great board composed of some outside … Continue reading

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