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Will tech kill your job?

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. “My job as a (newspaper publisher telephone installer, stockbroker, travel agent, retail store manager) is safe as this economy continues to grow.”  Yup. Thought so. We are in a decade of creative … Continue reading

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What do you give up when taking outside investors?

Taking in angel or venture money requires a setting of an entrepreneur’s expectations that may come as a shock at least at first. From the moment such an investor looks seriously at your company, the investor or VC partner is … Continue reading

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Does your business need money? Read this!

The subject of raising money is critical to many businesses and a passing option to others, depending upon the capital efficiency of the enterprise.  Some businesses require very little capital and the founder can self-finance the enterprise and retain 100% … Continue reading

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Is your budget a forecast? When do you change mid-course?

Hold it! These are confusing terms. When does a budget become obsolete? Do we rely upon constant changes and call it a forecast? So, let’s spend a few moments defining this sometimes-confusing set of terms.  A budget should be created … Continue reading

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Here’s the test: Can you create 5 strategies and 5 tactics to achieve your goal?

In past weeks, we explored the need for a tangible goal and strategies that are measurable as steps toward achievement of your goal.  Today, we explore how to create tactics to accompany each strategy, and even suggest a number of … Continue reading

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Think like a general! Create strategies and tactics now.

If you have been following the last several weeks of these postings, then now we’re getting organized.  There are many ways to express the road map for your enterprise.  One of the most popular was used by the U.S. Army … Continue reading

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Please map your goal and USE that map!

It’s time to speak of some sort of business plan.  As a professional investor in early stage companies, I have long discounted long, detailed business plans in favor of a concise “executive summary” followed by a believable spreadsheet-based financial forecast … Continue reading

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How to use metrics and a dashboard

Have you ever driven a car that had no speedometer?  I had that thrill when a student at the Richard Petty Stock Car School of Driving at a motor speedway in California.  With a wide track, angled aggressively at the … Continue reading

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Have you set your life and business goals?

We’ve spent several weeks discussing your vision for success, and whether you could be the next Ford, Jobs or Musk.  Now it’s time to make this more tangible, more real – by attaching personal goals to this vision we’ve created … Continue reading

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Could you be the next Ford, Jobs or Musk?

Well, it’s a fair question. Note that none of these three famous innovators were inventors like Thomas Edison, but visionaries who find a new marketplace or niche – or how to reach the mass market in new ways. Leaders and … Continue reading

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