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Business risk: Bet the farm only when the crops are on fire.

How much risk you and your company are willing and able to tolerate over time?  Most people believe that early stage companies should take risks aggressively because there is less to lose and much more to gain with each risky … Continue reading

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You are watched, mostly when decisions are tough.

If you have been in management or an entrepreneur long enough, you will have experienced the gray area of decision-making where ethics, the law, your needs and expediency all collide.  This is the time when you are paid the big … Continue reading

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Learn to never handle a paper or email twice

We all do it… to our own detriment.  So, let’s make a pact that we will try, if not succeed, to handle our incoming messages more efficiently. Personal time management helps immensely to make a better manager of you and … Continue reading

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How can you let a talented employee go to pursue a new career?

It is tough to lose your best employees wanting to advance their careers.  Sometimes you can be the coach, helping them even if it means losing them.  And, as in today’s story, sometimes it can mean the beginning of an amazing … Continue reading

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You are your company’s moral compass.

Here’s yet another story that you may identify with – or have yet to experience in your business life. It’s one of those that define your leadership for all to see, sometimes based upon decisions made in the moment – … Continue reading

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Have you been celebrating each victory?

Here comes another story.  Of course.  This one may be like one or more you have experienced in your company.  It is a story about focus upon the customer, first.  And about reinforcing the culture of the company in support … Continue reading

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Here’s a rule for companies with outstanding loans

  Here is one that is so important to the continued health of a growing company that it cannot be overstated. It’s a bit complex for novices. But hang in there as I explain a bit about accounting classification of … Continue reading

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Have you made the mistake of hiring too soon?

Well, you may not be alone. Many executives and managers have made the mistake of using the financial and sales forecast to plan and execute hiring of new employees – so that they could be trained and up to speed … Continue reading

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So, what if you run out of money?

Money in the bank is like oil in the car. Certainly, you have many ways you are pulled every day, both tactical and strategic. But when money is the issue, your time, energy and focus are drained from other important … Continue reading

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The 18-month rule and a harrowing tale

It can take 18 months from initial concern about a critical employee to getting a replacement up to speed. Of course, I’ll tell another harrowing story here. But first. an old friend, Dick Tanaka, gets credit for the 18-month rule.  … Continue reading

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