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Hit the hardest issues first!

Reorder your priorities for maximum impact. There are two reasons to consider reordering your priorities to attack your most critical issues first, before the easiest ones to knock off the list. First, you are fresher at the start of a … Continue reading

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Can you stretch the truth to make your point?

How easily it happens… Sometimes it is easy for someone to make a statement that, in the enthusiasm of the moment or to make a point, crosses the line between fact and fiction.  Sometimes it seems to you to be … Continue reading

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Do you really need a board of directors?

First, the short answer No matter what your size, if you intend to grow your business into more than just a lifestyle workplace, you should create a board of directors.  If you take money from knowledgeable investors, you will be … Continue reading

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When to pivot from your original plan?

Plans do not often work as devised.  We are not always smart about the market or the product.  We may miss the context of the times and come to market too soon or too late. We might not have researched … Continue reading

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Switching costs: A competitive advantage?

We know that one of the ways we hold onto our customers is if there are high switching costs to move away to a competitor.  But how about the other side of the coin?  Do you have an estimate of … Continue reading

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Could you achieve ten percent net income each month?

How planning is done today Most entrepreneurs and managers, when modeling their business operations using a spreadsheet, start with expected revenue by month.  Then they calculate cost of sales, and then project their expenses, to find the bottom-line profit or … Continue reading

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Can you defend your plan without being defensive?

When meeting with investors or even your board, during the period devoted to feedback after your presentation, you will hear comments and recommendations that don’t resonate with you. Some will be from a misunderstanding of your explanation. Some listeners will … Continue reading

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What’s the most important thing in a young business?

Cash is everything to a new business.  How many times do we have to say this?  The days of being able to trust that there will be an investor or lender on the other end of a call or email … Continue reading

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An economics lesson for growing companies

Catching up from past insights Growing companies usually require more working capital during their periods of rapid growth.  In past insights we have calculated the amount of additional capital needed for a business as it grows, and the additional capital … Continue reading

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How to make the most useful dashboard

The need for real time information From sports car to aircraft to super tanker, successful operation depends upon the pilot’s understanding and urgent timely use of a dashboard.  Real time information is critical to real time decision-making, and increasingly in … Continue reading

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