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Is it YOU or your great plan?

So, what do you think is more important? There may be more choices here. But the most important ones for any size business, including start-ups, is: Do you believe it should be the quality of your management team, or the … Continue reading

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What are the odds of your startup’s success?

Well, the numbers don’t lie, even if there are several sources of these statistics.  Starting a company is HARD – in so many ways.  And risky too. Let’s start with a restaurant -not our thing. But… I read several years … Continue reading

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Finding a strategic partner, investor or buyer

Get organized. Finding your strategic partner, investor or business buyer is not something you do haphazardly.  There are many steps to take, each closer to assuring a success.  Research is paramount, and sources are everywhere, especially for public companies and … Continue reading

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Sometimes your gut is the best you’ve got.

How I didn’t follow my own advice Years ago, I led a deal and invested in a company that looked like it had lots of promise to disrupt the women’s clothing industry with special algorithms and an online store.  But … Continue reading

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Finding “stinky clauses” in legal investment documents

Here’s the problem: Investors sometimes join into investment rounds that have been pre–negotiated by others, receiving the paperwork already created by attorneys from that negotiation.  It is not uncommon for a sharp investor to discover a “stinky” clause or two … Continue reading

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What if you and your investors don’t agree on an exit?

First, the implied promise: Taking money from professional investors such as angels or VCs usually requires that you agree to seek an exit for those investors in your plan, often targeting five to seven years as the ideal period for … Continue reading

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Don’t just raise money. Do it on good news!

Why is this important advice? Because the first rule for raising money is to do it on good news – right when sales are increasing at an accelerating rate.  Or when a major customer signs a significant deal.  Or when … Continue reading

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The best advice startups will never follow

Dave’s note:  This is a reprint of a 2015 insight that seems to have struck a chord with investors and entrepreneurs. None of this advice has changed… Let me tell you a few short hair–raising stories of entrepreneurs who have … Continue reading

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Why your investors may not respond when you need money

When do most companies communicate? Early stage company investors as a group have a common gripe – almost universal.  Information flows from the company irregularly, in fact most often when the company is urgently in need of more money. How … Continue reading

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Can you defend your plan without being defensive?

When meeting with investors or even your board, during the period devoted to feedback after your presentation, you will hear comments and recommendations that don’t resonate with you. Some will be from a misunderstanding of your explanation. Some listeners will … Continue reading

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