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Extending your Runway!

Several years ago, I wrote a book entitled, Extending the Runway, using parallels to piloting a plane to equate to the process of creating and building a small company, making maximum use of resources to get to and beyond breakeven.  … Continue reading

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Six ways to make your site-app-product go viral.

It doesn’t happen by accident.  Not every new game-related site is a Steam, and surely not every social network is a Facebook. And not every texting application is a Twitter. A story of an app from nowhere to near dominance … Continue reading

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When to pivot from your original plan?

Plans do not often work as devised.  We are not always smart about the market or the product.  We may miss the context of the times and come to market too soon or too late. We might not have researched … Continue reading

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Switching costs: A competitive advantage?

We know that one of the ways we hold onto our customers is if there are high switching costs to move away to a competitor.  But how about the other side of the coin?  Do you have an estimate of … Continue reading

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Your “drop dead” question for a customer survey

Here’s the question: Sean Ellis, the marketing guru behind DropBox and other successes, advises clients that “The most important question on a survey is, ‘How would you feel if you could no longer use this product?’”  He goes on to … Continue reading

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Do you really want to be the first to market?

My stories of missing the context of the times Over the years, as I managed my several computer companies as CEO or executive chairman, I made the decision to go to market with a brand-new product that had never before … Continue reading

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“LALA” – A short lesson in marketing

Focus upon you as marketing genius Let’s focus not upon the process of marketing and positioning, but on you.  How should you become the best marketer you can be, even if you are a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned CEO? … Continue reading

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Four ways to create marketing excellence

First, let’s recall the four “P’s” of marketing Marketing is a science devised to help drive customers to your door.  There are lots of ways to define how to market well, including the four P’s of marketing (1): product, price, … Continue reading

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Are you innovating because of need or inspiration?

Most innovations come from responding to a customer’s needs, or finding a niche where products need improvement or extension.  It is rare to innovate using a blank sheet of paper in a room with bare walls and no other contributors. … Continue reading

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Have you heard? Eyeballs aren’t everything.

Remember when? Back when we were all trying to figure out the real value of traffic on the web, investors – and acquiring companies – got a bit crazy with metrics used to value acquisitions and investments.  Since in most … Continue reading

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