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Three Important Issues for Your Business Plan

Some professional advice            Here’s more advice from professional investors for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Each of us has a list of things we look for early on when identifying whether we want to go to the next step in analyzing a … Continue reading

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What is your biggest error in company planning?

The biggest error in planning may not be spreadsheet calculation error.  Or cost estimation.  It is most often missed assumptions about the market, the competition, the speed of adoption, or other critical metrics you’ve researched, or selected, or even just … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs do not easily retire.

So, you’ve successfully sold your business and have received enough money from the sale to become financially independent, no longer having to work for a living.   That is a comfortable place to be, and it is one experienced by more … Continue reading

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Shareholders and founders: The muted thrill of the deal closing.

Now you have worked for months to get this deal to the closing, anticipating the wire transfers to the shareholders that will come any minute.   This could change your lifestyle and give you that much needed pause in your life … Continue reading

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What’s your personal-business end game?

Remembering our original vision When we start a business, we are optimistic that we will succeed and dream of riches to follow when the company is sold or even getting all the way to an IPO.   Some of us build … Continue reading

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How to make the most useful dashboard

The need for real time information From sports car to aircraft to super tanker, successful operation depends upon the pilot’s understanding and urgent timely use of a dashboard.  Real time information is critical to real time decision-making, and increasingly in … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing, collaboration, support groups. Oh my.

At the MIT Center of Collective Intelligence, professors and graduate students are wrestling with an important opportunity – and gaining ground.  With new collaborative tools available for use in the cloud, people are no longer isolated in their creative endeavors. … Continue reading

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Economics 101: If water flows downhill, then why fight it?

You’ll get the importance of this in a moment. Hang in there. Substitute the word “money” for “water” and we have an explanation for most all the reasons why successful products move from concept through early adopters through mass market. … Continue reading

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How much is that one additional unit worth?

Most college econ courses teach marginal economics.  So, not to scare those who didn’t take econ, here is a simple explanation. Let’s use breakeven as our test Let’s say that your company is exactly at breakeven. Here’s the importance of … Continue reading

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Have you lost (some) enthusiasm for the job?

So, you’ve been at this for years through thick and thin, great days and days in which you’ve had better times.  Much of your job has become routine.  But it feels good to see your “baby” grow and others buy … Continue reading

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