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What is the real goal for our management and company?

Often, we joke together as managers of companies or of people that our goal is “world domination” or “to crush the competition.”  But no matter how stated, the primary goal of an enterprise is to make money. The three measures … Continue reading

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Annual reviews or constant feedback?

Here comes a controversial subject.  How often do you take the time to rate your direct reports?  Is it worth the time and effort when measured from the perspective of the company and of the employee?  In terms of time, … Continue reading

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Do you act like an Eagle Scout?

You may have been a Girl Scout or a Boy Scout in your youth.  Certainly, you are aware of the top rank in each – the Gold Award for girls and the Eagle badge for boys.  Scouting teaches leadership and … Continue reading

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How much do you spend on R&D? Is it enough?

Why do profitable, mature businesses die away? One of the most obvious reasons mature businesses die away – when we look in the rear view mirror – is that they did not spend to renew their product or service when … Continue reading

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Can you create a great customer case study?

Attention spans are growing shorter by the second Studies have shown that attention spans for engaging a reader or listener have fallen from eleven seconds to eight seconds on average.  Eight seconds to reach someone in most any medium.  Ouch! … Continue reading

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Can we have fun while doing serious work?

Have you ever noticed how slow time passes when you are in a troubled environment?  Conversely, sometimes you look up at the end of a great day and wonder where the time went. It’s driven from the top Over the … Continue reading

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Another personal story: Timing is everything in a sale.

Almost anyone who has sold a company has a story to tell about their good deal, the problems with the buyer, a last-minute change of terms, or more. I have saved this next story until now because it is one … Continue reading

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Insurance is always too expensive – until it’s needed.

I expect that you have a story about how insurance saved you lots of money in your past. As usual, I have a story to make your hair stand on end. But first: here’s a fact. Business insurance is one … Continue reading

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Where is the best source of early stage investment?

If you have been following our recent insights, you’ll be up to speed knowing that professional investors negotiate tough terms, from provisions of control over asset acquisition, eventual sale of the company, future investments, forced co-sale when others attempt to … Continue reading

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Fewer words, greater effect.

I have a good business friend, an experienced manager and teacher with a Harvard MBA, whose deep thinking creativity and intelligence are admired by many.  But he dilutes his effectiveness with wordy PowerPoint presentations.  It has become a long running … Continue reading

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