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Avoid the race to zero…

When do you sell your company?  Obviously we all want to sell at the top.  And there is the problem.  How do you know when you are at or near that right point to sell for maximum value?  Those of … Continue reading

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About personal use of corporate assets

It is no secret that the IRS looks carefully below the surface for personal use of company assets (including cash) in its corporate income tax audits.  This insight addresses more the impact of such behavior upon the actions of employees … Continue reading

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You name the price; I’ll name the terms.

I admit that my dad taught me this when I was just a fifteen–year old kid starting a business and negotiating with suppliers for the first time.  But I learned it again and again in my various business lives. The … Continue reading

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Press release partnerships: Worth the effort?

Many of us make it a priority to find and partner with companies that can add to our offering or extend our reach.  And we rightly celebrate each such pairing, often with a mutual press release. And sometimes that’s all … Continue reading

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Can you pierce layers in supplier–customer partnerships?

I recently experienced an amazing effort of outreach by a vice president of a large national customer asking for a meeting with the product development team of a critical supplier, one of “my” companies.  The goal, the VP stated, was … Continue reading

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Time, talent and treasure – Spending each wisely

In the non–profit world, the term, “time, talent and treasure” has been used so often it is almost at the edge of being trite.  It’s used in that arena to describe a volunteer’s sacrifice in support of the non–profit enterprise. … Continue reading

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How to make your recurring revenues oil and not glue

Some types of businesses generate more and more recurring revenues over time, often growing to a size where recurring revenues pay all of the overhead of the company – an enviable position. There is a phenomenon I have observed time … Continue reading

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How to plan to make a successful acquisition

One of my company CEO’s recently described his rule for acquisition success, and it resonated with me as a great goal for planning during acquisition exercises.  This CEO states that he has made it work twice when acquiring companies, and … Continue reading

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How to think like a growth CEO

Growth CEO’s differ from those who merely station–keep their way into the status quo, protecting the enterprise by reducing risk and cost – without creating a vision and action plan for growth. Here is a way to test yourself with … Continue reading

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Five ways we are surviving long term

Dave’s note: This week we invite long-time CEO of Quicksilver Software to respond to our question: “How have you remained relevant in the gaming software business over so many years?” He and his company have worked in the video game … Continue reading

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