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Outside investors want liquidity, not love.

Taking in angel or venture money requires a setting of an entrepreneur’s expectations that may come as a shock at least at first.  From the moment such an investor looks seriously at your company, the investor or VC partner is … Continue reading

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Raising money for your business: What are the options?

This post will be perhaps a bit longer than usual, but certainly of great interest for those with interest in or have need for more capital… This stage is critical to many businesses and a passing option to others, depending … Continue reading

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Use metrics and a dashboard. ACT upon variances.

                 Have you ever driven a car that had no speedometer?  I had that thrill when a student at the Richard Petty Stockcar School of Driving recently at a motor speedway in California.  With a wide track, angled aggressively at … Continue reading

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Your budget and forecast light your goal.

               Let’s spend a few moments defining a sometimes confusing set of terms.  A budget should be created each year as a result of a series of negotiations between departmental managers and their superiors through to the CEO, all in … Continue reading

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