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Strategic planning: Strategies and tactics

                In past insights, we explored the need for a tangible goal and strategies that are measurable as steps toward achievement of the goal.  This insight calls to account tactics to accompany each strategy, and even suggests a number for … Continue reading

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Strong strategies and tactics support your goal.

 Now we’re getting organized.  There are many ways to express the roadmap for your enterprise.  One of the most popular was used by the U.S. Army late in World War II, and adopted by a number of high profile businesses … Continue reading

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Map your goal and use your map.

          It’s time to speak of some sort of business plan.  As a professional investor in early stage companies, I have long discounted long, detailed business plans in favor of a concise “executive summary” followed by a believable spreadsheet-based financial … Continue reading

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Set a realistic goal. When reached, set another.

     There’s a big difference between your vision for your company, your mission and your goal. Your vision tells the world what you want to be as you contemplate in advance how you will change the world for the better. … Continue reading

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Fewer words, greater effect.

I have a business friend, an experienced manager and teacher with a Harvard MBA, whose creativity and intelligence are admired by many. But he dilutes his effectiveness with wordy PowerPoint presentations. It has become a long running joke between us, … Continue reading

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