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How much do you spend on R&D? Is it enough?

Why do profitable, mature businesses die away? One of the most obvious reasons mature businesses die away – when we look in the rear view mirror – is that they did not spend to renew their product or service when … Continue reading

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Should a leader support constant change?

The worrying that always precedes a change When a new CEO or manager is hired into a company, for a while lots of energy flows from the top and new ideas seem to be generated daily.  It is one reason … Continue reading

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Reinvent your business!

Businesses that forgot to reinvent If only newspaper publishers, book publishers, record companies, and movie producers would have had the vision to see their future as we now see it, we might have become a digital society with much less … Continue reading

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Your core competency and why not to stray

Consider your core.  It is the one skill, process or advantage you have over your competition.  Then think of all the things you do to surround that core with people and assets that complete your company and allow you to … Continue reading

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The four “P’s” to help you build a great business

How do you manage a great business, as opposed to be a survivor?  Well, here are the four areas you should focus upon every day. Now, some of us remember things better when given a catchy phrase or rhyme. So, … Continue reading

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Can you overcome five risks and create wealth?

Of course, we are speaking of increased valuation of your company when we speak of “wealth.”  Especially if you are in the early stage of growing a business, these five risks can and often do derail entrepreneurs before realizing the … Continue reading

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Would you sign a personal guarantee if you have investors?

It’s a fact of life that a banker, lender or lessor will ask for a personal guarantee from the founder or entrepreneur most every time. But what if you’ve diluted your interest from 100% to something less than 50%? Should … Continue reading

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Non-competes, gray areas, and salvaging a failed purchase

Last week we introduced the subject of non-compete agreements.  Let’s dive a little deeper and present some “gray area” scenarios to consider.  Then we’ll address the success or failure of the buyer with your product… First the obvious case in … Continue reading

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What about your previous company non-compete?

Entrepreneurs tend to remain in the business niche they know best.  Usually that means one they once or recently spent time in as an employee or manager within a company where they had little or no ownership. Are you one … Continue reading

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What would you do if told to “fail fast?”

Here’s a question that should strike close to home. Professional investors like to quote this mantra to anyone who will listen.  “Fail fast,” they say. But what if you believe so strongly in your budding enterprise that this seems to … Continue reading

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