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What’s the difference between your budget and forecast?

Hold it! These are confusing terms. When does a budget become obsolete? Do we rely upon constant changes and call it a forecast? So, let’s spend a few moments defining this sometimes-confusing set of terms. This is a budget: A … Continue reading

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Make your detailed strategic plan!

In these past weeks, we explored the need for a tangible goal and strategies that are measurable as steps toward achievement of your goal.  Today, we explore how to create tactics to accompany each strategy, and even suggest a number … Continue reading

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You’re the general. So, make your strategic plan!

Continuing the process of planning… So now we’re getting organized.  There are many ways to express the roadmap for your enterprise.  One of the most popular was used by the U.S. Army late in World War II and adopted by … Continue reading

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So, what’s the plan?

It’s time to speak of some sort of business plan.   As a professional investor in early-stage companies, I have long discounted long, detailed business plans in favor of a concise “executive summary” followed by a believable spreadsheet-based financial forecast … Continue reading

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Can you guess 10 tests for your success?

Your success must be based upon data that is solid and sometimes flexible enough to pass several critical tests if it is to guide a business enterprise to greatness.  Here in brief are ten tests for your business success.  Try … Continue reading

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How are you at setting your goals?

We’ve spent several weeks discussing your vision for success, and whether you could be the next Ford, Jobs or Musk.  Now it’s time to make this more tangible, more real – by attaching personal goals to this vision we’ve created … Continue reading

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Fewer words, greater effect.

I have a good business friend, an experienced manager and teacher with a Harvard MBA, whose creativity and intelligence are admired by many.  But he dilutes his effectiveness with wordy PowerPoint presentations.  It has become a long running joke between … Continue reading

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Could you be the next Ford, Jobs or Musk?

Well, it’s a fair question. Note that none of these three famous innovators were inventors like Thomas Edison, but visionaries who see a new marketplace or niche or how to reach the mass market in ways not previously attempted. Innovation … Continue reading

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Sharpen your business vision!

I love absolute statements. Pardon my English. But this is one of my favorite statements.  You’re at the ignition stage of your newest business venture.  Of course, you have a vision for what you will do to change the world.  … Continue reading

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Protect your company secrets!

Let’s create a use case. Most senior and middle level managers will understand when a subordinate comes to them to resign and begin a new business.  But all will immediately question whether the new business will compete in any way … Continue reading

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