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Can a “good-hearted” entrepreneur succeed in business?

People argue over whether an entrepreneur with a sense of fairness, a desire for collegiality, a want to share the profits can succeed in the long run within a business world full of lions and tigers that eat timid entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Are you wasting money filing patents?

I’ve been working with early stage companies and their intellectual property protection plans for years. But only recently did I read a clear document on the risks and rewards of patent strategy.  Thanks to Russ Krajec, a patent attorney, for … Continue reading

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Do you want to control your business destiny?

There is nothing quite as thrilling in business as igniting a startup and watching it blossom.  Especially when starting a company with personal savings or money from relatives and friends, early signs of success are intoxicating.  Each new customer, each … Continue reading

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The most satisfying life journey is never about the money.

Allow me to reminisce. This is the final post of this cycle.  Next week we return to the start of the journey, focusing upon the “what and how” to ignite a successful enterprise from start-up to exit. But, for this … Continue reading

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Money is not the only measure of success.

I am sure you heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that motivate our behavior, in which Abraham Maslow laid out a human’s needs – from the physiological, to safety, then love and belonging, on to esteem and finally self-actualization.  A … Continue reading

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Why not share your liquidity success with those who got you there?

So, you are close to selling your company, and counting the profits a bit early. Well, that’s human nature. Here’s a thought for you to recall later when and if the event happens.  Remember those who got you there.  And … Continue reading

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Everyone wants to leave a legacy.

Be honest now.  Have you ever thought of what legacy you’ll leave behind?  If you are an entrepreneur or CEO, surely you’ve thought of how you’ll be remembered by your associates and stakeholders after you move on. Bad boss examples … Continue reading

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Take advantage of the good times to build stakeholder loyalty.

Loyalty is a hard-earned commodity There are several times when stakeholder loyalty is tested to the limit.  For employees, a late or missed payroll is the ultimate test of corporate loyalty, divorced even from an employee’s ability to make do … Continue reading

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Can we have fun while doing serious work?

Have you ever noticed how slow time passes when you are in a troubled environment?  Conversely, sometimes you look up at the end of a great day and wonder where the time went. It’s driven from the top Over the … Continue reading

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Will your company’s sale be celebration or silence?

First, there are at least three types of exits I’ve been involved with well over twenty successful exits and four initial public offerings over the years, some of them with monstrous gains, some more modest.  Then in addition, there are … Continue reading

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