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Flippers vs Keepers–At times earnings don’t matter

Dave’s note:  We are privileged this week to host a post by Arthur Lipper, a well-respected member of the international financial community since 1954. He has served as advisor to and member of numerous financial exchanges, and was the founder and … Continue reading

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Nothing commands a higher multiple than hope!

Dave’s note:  Guest author, David Steakley returns to explain his theory of exit valuations.  It’s a short but excellent read… By David Steakley You may recall that earlier in this series, I explained the definition of an inciting incident, using … Continue reading

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Look for your strategic buyer first.

Dave’s note: John Huston is founder and past manager of the 300+ member Ohio TechAngel Funds and a past Chairman of both the Angel Capital Association and the Angel Resource Institute.    By John Huston While you are busy building your high … Continue reading

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Double down!

This piece of wisdom came from Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO of Amazon, during a board meeting for one of the companies where he sits as board member.  Jeff asked the question “Is there anything big or small, which is … Continue reading

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I sat in my own safety net while weaving it.

Editor’s note: Berni Jubb was an Inc.500 entrepreneur, after years as a senior marketing manager of a large computer company.  He regained his senses, and now runs a small resort and restaurant in Costa Rica. By Berni Jubb My First Startup… … Continue reading

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September 21st, 2015 marks the sixth anniversary of publication for BERKONOMICS, the blog containing insights for business management, entrepreneurs, and investors.  Starting with just 4,000 circulation in 2009, BERKONOMICS has grown to well over 100,000, and is read on five … Continue reading

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Patent litigation can kill the small guy.

When you think of patents, you think of added value to the corporation in the form of protection of its intellectual property.  In fact, many corporations spend millions developing surrounding patents to form what is known as a “patent thicket,” … Continue reading

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There’s gold in re-purposing intellectual property.

Several times a month, I’d have lunch with one of my CEOs, and each time we’d find ourselves digging into the intellectual property developed by the company over the years, just to refresh ourselves about what the intended use was … Continue reading

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Whatever it is, try to deliver it via the cloud

By David Steakley Editor’s note:  Popular contributor, David Steakley, returns this week with his take on the importance of cloud delivery for technology businesses. – DWB Everyone knows that software-as-a-service has displaced the old style of delivering enterprise software. You … Continue reading

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Bottom up budgeting creates waste. Top down!

Many people believe that bottom up budgeting leads to waste and misdirection. The advocates of top-down budgeting are strong in their belief that if you give each person or department no guidance, they will budget to their wants or specific … Continue reading

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