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Branding cows or branding business? Neither is easy.

We’re talking about brand strategy here.  Not advertising, and certainly not an easy grasp for amateur marketers.  So how developed is your company’s brand?  Is your message clear, concise and consistent? There is a process used by professionals to get … Continue reading

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Your customers are telling you “Wiw Wiw Wiw!”

Customer empowerment is moving so fast nowadays that many of us are running to just catch up.  Yet if we don’t or can’t, it is a sure thing that someone else will. Blame the Internet for this rise in customer … Continue reading

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Good, cheap, fast. Pick any two.

This one is attributed to Rod Adair, the famous oil and gas fire suppressing expert.  And boy, does it apply to most of us and our offerings. “Quality” products and services should not be positioned as “cheap,” or your potential … Continue reading

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How is your corporate and personal credibility?

A friend of mine recently told me his story of how his very career rests on his credibility with his major supplier–partners.  He stated that everything rides upon his credibility when he declares that he can produce a quality product … Continue reading

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Your business: Grow it and hold it?

Taking money from professional investors such as angels or VCs usually requires that you agree to seek an exit for those investors in your plan, often targeting five to seven years as the ideal period for growth before a liquidity … Continue reading

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Raise money on good news

The first rule for raising money is to do it on good news – right when sales are increasing at an increasing rate.  Or when a major customer signs a significant deal.  Or when something happens that makes an investor … Continue reading

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The best advice startups will never follow

Let me tell you a few short hair-raising stories of entrepreneurs who have raised money and regretted it later.  Here are some rules that entrepreneurs almost always ignore to their future peril. Don’t take money from relatives who can’t afford … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs: Take the time to celebrate your exit.

We come to the end of this cycle of insights with a thought about how you might view your successful exit from the company you have spent so much effort to build. You’ve worked hard for years to reach the … Continue reading

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Angels and VCs: Don’t be greedy even if you can.

Sometimes the end game or sale of the company is not a happy event for the early investors, including the entrepreneur or the founders.  Especially when outside investors, venture capitalists or angels have put in substantial money, and the sales … Continue reading

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Sell when growth is high, even if cash flow is low.

Dave’s note:  Our guest author this week is John Huston,  founder of the 300+ member Ohio TechAngel Funds and a past Chairman of both the Angel Capital Association and the Angel Resource Institute.    By John Huston There are only two types … Continue reading

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