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Premature scaling kills businesses.

Venture capitalists sometimes make an error in directing their portfolio company CEOs to push resources to the limit and scale the business to immense size quickly, all to seize market share.  The logic in this is simple: once a company … Continue reading

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5 Simple Steps to Executing the Plan

It is all about execution.  Waiting over a year to see results is too long, since your chance of mid-course correction is greatly reduced.  To make the point, Harvard’s Robert Kaplan believes that less than 10% of corporate strategies are … Continue reading

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Fish in the giant ocean – not in a shallow creek.

This is like a Hans Christian Anderson parable, but aimed at you and your business… There are big fish and small fish, potential customers, all swimming in the sea that is your potential marketplace.  You, the lonely fisherman, have to … Continue reading

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Money motivates.

What a title.  Of course money motivates.  But there is more to it then this. Salaries or hourly wages must be within reasonable limits set by the industry and matched by the competition, both regionally and for the same job … Continue reading

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Protect your international traveling employees.

As your company grows, you will probably have to make conclusions about traveling employees, and travel for yourself.  There are vast opportunities internationally that require careful planning to execute well.  One of the most critical decisions is how to enter … Continue reading

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The coffee and wine school of innovation.

Here’s one for debate around a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  Most innovation occurs when creative people are relaxed and thinking about other things. We all can picture the corporate R&D lab with tens of scientists working … Continue reading

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Reward success and failure. Punish only inaction.

Reward failure?  That may be a difficult concept for an executive. And there are limits of course. We wouldn’t reward a failure to follow laws, or protect lives, or deliberate endangerment of the company or its people. But should we … Continue reading

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Power is sometimes assumed when not granted.

How many times have you heard someone say “Let’s do it now and ask permission later?”  It’s a common practice in companies where there is a barrier between levels in the chain of command, or lack of communication between contemporaries.  … Continue reading

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A tale of two CEOs and the management of pain

This is the tale of two CEOs, one of them unfortunately….me.  It’s a story of how people handle unusual situations when selling to the top – an executive of a prospective customer.  And the stories couldn’t be more different. Recently … Continue reading

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Protect your outlier innovators.

Here’s one for executives of technology companies, or any company with next generation products in mind.  As your business grows more complex and there are more employees to manage and more customers to care for, slowly you will notice that … Continue reading

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