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How to network like a ninja

Dave’s comment:  This week we welcome our perennial favorite contributor, Kim Shepherd, CEO of Decision Toolbox, to offer us her sage advice on a subject where she is expert.  Outgoing, full of creative ideas, and certainly the best person to … Continue reading

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Who cares about customer loyalty?

Repeat customers, raving fans, angry backlashers, commodity shoppers.  Oh boy, what a range of loyalty these represent.  And in your years, you may have experienced all of these. Here’s another way to look at the ladder to an ideal customer … Continue reading

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How to be a dictator enforcing sales offer deadlines

Everyone who manages a company or its sales force wants to write as many new deals as possible, and is usually warry about doing anything that might threaten the positive outcome of a pending sale. So, it is common practice … Continue reading

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Rinse and repeat: revitalizing your business

Here’s a statement that you never thought would apply to your business planning.  Sometimes we get stuck in the muck with our marketing, product, management focus, and in keeping up with trends. It is natural for executives and entrepreneurs with … Continue reading

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After 20 years: Updating the Berkus Method of valuation

Well, it had to happen.  Originally created in the mid 1990’s to help with the imprecise problem of how to value early stage companies, especially those in technology, I developed what soon became known as “The Berkus Method” when published … Continue reading

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How do you focus your team for action?

How do you get your team to focus and move forward effectively?  A fellow CEO recently told me of her method of assuring positive movement within her team.  She holds a weekly meeting of her direct reports, and asks them … Continue reading

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It’s what you ask, not what you know.

A friend recently told me a story that had nothing to do with business, but unintentionally had a great lesson for all of us.  He had asked his arborist if he could move a mature tree from one part of … Continue reading

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Channel partners can be golden for growth

Dave’s note:  Here comes my favorite “tell-it-like-it-is” CEO, Kim Shepherd, with another of her pieces from her experience managing a completely virtual company with over one hundred employees located through the United States and beyond.   By Kim Shepherd In 2006, … Continue reading

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How to battle the dragon AND avoid the encounter.

Sometimes a competitor is just too entrenched, too strong, too well equipped to directly face in battle.  At least that is the conventional wisdom.  Yet, there are constant examples of new entrants into a niche that grow, prosper and sometimes … Continue reading

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What do you wish you’d known yesterday?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no more digital or printed reports to tell us what happened in the past?  I know. We need financial data for comparison, and to a degree – for planning.  But we should be … Continue reading

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