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Dave Berkus is a noted speaker, author and early stage private equity investor. He is acknowledged as one of the most active angel investors in the country, having made and actively participated in over 87 technology investments during the past decade. He currently manages two angel VC funds (Berkus Technology Ventures, LLC and Kodiak Ventures, L.P.)  and is Managing Director of two Tech Coast Angels ACE Funds (TCA).  Dave is past Chairman of TCA, one of the largest angel networks in the United States. 
Dave currently serves as chairman of six of his portfolio companies, and was named “Director of the Year, Early Stage Businesses” by The EA-9817Forum for Corporate Directors for his successful directorship and CEO coaching efforts.  He founded his first commercial venture at the age of fifteen – a phonograph record production and manufacturing company he managed through his college years, taking it public shortly after college graduation. He was the founder of Computerized Lodging Systems Inc (CLS), which he guided as CEO for over a decade that included two consecutive years on the Inc.500 list of America’s fastest growing companies.
For his accomplishments in advancing technology in the hospitality industry, in 1998 he was inducted into the Hospitality (HFTP) “International Hall of Fame”, one of only thirty so honored worldwide over the years. 
Dave is author of “Basic Berkonomics,” “Berkonomics,” “Advanced Berkonomics,” Extending the Runway”, and the Small Business Success Collection of eight mini-books, all addressing resource and growth issues for early stage businesses. He speaks throughout the world on trends in technology, angel investing success, and corporate governance and growth.  
In 2011, Dave was named “Technology Leader of the Year” by the Los Angeles, California, County Board of Supervisors.

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Dave Berkus  /  dberkus@berkus.com  /  Phone (626) 355-5375

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