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Consider all resources before seeking investment.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen executive summaries of business plans in which the entrepreneur seeks $5,000,000 to build the business. First, few startups can use that much money today with all of the virtual services … Continue reading

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Be approximately right rather than exactly wrong.

I love this statement from John Tukey, coiner of the word ‘bit’ to describe a single switch of digital micro-data.  Tukey was a statistician, one you would expect to describe events in terms reeking with precision. Instead, Tukey implored us … Continue reading

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Is it the jockey or the horse?

                Early stage investors have been arguing over this for years.  Do they bet on the entrepreneur (jockey) or the business idea and plan (the horse)?   This is serious stuff.  If you are looking for money, this question will certainly … Continue reading

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Learn the science – practice the art of negotiation.

From the time we learn to manipulate our parents from the crib to the present day, we learn to negotiate to obtain our wants and needs.  As we grow, we negotiate constantly with our parents, then with our peers.  As … Continue reading

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