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Time does fly when you’re having fun. Lighten up for maximum lift.

              Have you ever noticed how slow time passes when you are in a troubled environment?  Conversely, sometimes you look up at the end of a great day and wonder where the time went.  Over the years, I have discovered … Continue reading

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A successful exit is a great measure of a good journey.

               I’ve been involved with well over a dozen successful exits and four initial public offerings over the years, some of them with monstrous gains, some more modest.  Then in addition, there are the exits that returned some portion of … Continue reading

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Timing is everything in a sale of a business.

I have saved this next story until now because it is one of my favorites, and certainly illustrates the point as well as anything I could devise from fiction. First here is a bit of the background.   The year was … Continue reading

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The new Berkus SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS COLLECTION – eBooks and books

  Announcing EIGHT new mini-books and eBooks by Master Entrepreneur, Dave Berkus, just released by The Berkus Press. Covering important business growth subjects, these books are a must-have for you and your associates. As a bonus, the “quick read” eBook … Continue reading

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List ten companies that could buy your business.

                This is an exercise I perform with my boards no less than once every several years in planning exercises attended by the board and senior management, sometimes augmented with an industry consultant or expert from the outside.                 Use a … Continue reading

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There are three kinds of business buyers.

           This is one of my favorite insights, since I lived this one in a positive exit from my computer business.  Most people will tell you that there are two kinds of eventual buyers for your business: financial and strategic.  … Continue reading

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