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Plan for your ‘every three million dollar crisis.’

Here is a phenomenon I discovered over time when dealing with many small start-ups in their early revenue period.  A very predictable series of rotating crises seemed to befall most every one of these young companies.  These became so predictable … Continue reading

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Pick your pricing niche carefully. Defend it.

There are five major classes or niches a company should examine and make its own in calculating positioning in the marketplace.  They are: Price Quality Service Innovation Elegance Companies that compete on price rarely compete against others who emphasize service … Continue reading

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Where there’s mystery, there’s margin.

                 Here’s a phrase I created in the early 1980’s to describe what I clearly saw as the last chance to make high margins on the sale of computer hardware to businesses.  In the day of the mainframe and then the … Continue reading

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Why buy IT? Why buy MINE? Why buy NOW?

What a powerful set of three questions.  These are so succinct, so well defined, so precise that everyone in sales and everyone involved in marketing must be able to answer these three questions without pause, and convincingly.   Turning these into … Continue reading

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