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Find your rock in Ensenada.

Every entrepreneur has that moment of truth – the one that marks the decision to take the path to entrepreneurship or the path to job security with a larger employer.  And down the road a bit, most of us face … Continue reading

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Never use short term borrowing to cover long term debt.

This insight is one that is so important to the continued health of a growing company that it cannot be overstated.  First, let’s be sure we know what is short in term and what is long in term.  Long term … Continue reading

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Manage your mantra.

I am constantly surprised when speaking with entrepreneurs and CEO’s who act puzzled and a bit flustered when I ask, “So what is your mantra?  Tell me about your company in ten words or less.”  Almost every one begins a … Continue reading

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Hire ahead of need only when growth is stable.

Many companies have made the mistake of using the forecast to plan and executive hiring of new employees so that they could be trained and up to speed when the demand arrives.  Although such a practice does add to overhead … Continue reading

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