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A compelling vision drives innovation.

Companies that innovate new products, services and methods of delivery are the ones that stand out in a crowded business world, especially when attempting to gain recognition beside competitors on the web.  Innovation is valued by our society, by investors … Continue reading

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Address ten vision tests for success.

A vision must be solid and flexible enough to pass a number of critical tests if it is to guide a business enterprise to greatness.  Here in brief are ten tests for a successful vision.  Try these on for size, and … Continue reading

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Vision is everything.

I love absolute statements. And this is one of my favorites.  You’re at the ignition stage of a new business venture.  Of course you have a vision for what that business will do to change the world.  And this insight … Continue reading

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The Berkus Method – Valuing the Early Stage Investment.

             For those of us who’ve invested in early stage companies, especially technology start-ups, we have confronted a universal problem.  There are many ways to project the value of a company for purposes of pricing an investment, but all rely … Continue reading

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