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Marketing and big data: Finding that needle in the haystack

We once measured our audience using demographic buckets, especially with the use of age groups, gender, and financial ability as keys.  Classic marketing teaches us that this is the best way to define our audience, and to make appropriate pitches … Continue reading

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Big data: Information is NOT knowledge

Say that you have a log file of every contact to your website. Or that you are a cell phone company with a multi–billion record log file of every call made from every location to every number dialed using your … Continue reading

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Email open rates: Your best marketing test

No–one needs to tell you that mobile readers now outnumber desktop readers for your message.  A recent Experian marketing survey revealed that 52% of all email opens are from mobile devices, and that 38% of all clicks are from mobile … Continue reading

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Mailing lists, email marketing, errors, oh my!

Using old email lists for the first time is like eating really stale doughnuts.  The taste is pretty bad, and the side effects could be disastrous. Email companies like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and many others all have strict rules … Continue reading

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Harvest your social media contacts

You may not know that you have access to many “free” sources of social media contacts to help you in your marketing effort. The first semi–secret source is your LinkedIn contact list.  You probably thought it was proprietary to LinkedIn, … Continue reading

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Have you set your social media listening posts?

There is so much information being shot at us daily via social media streams that we should monitor and control that which pertains to our business – and do so with some level of expertise. There are tools to inform … Continue reading

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Four ways to find new business in the new year

We think of media advertising as either paid or free – placed by paying a fee or by a PR firm or by you at no placement cost, especially when you provide editorial content beneficial to the publisher. But this … Continue reading

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Which of the three types of advertising is right for you?

If we never advertised, we’d never sell anything.  Right? Perhaps right, but there are three major types of advertising, some requiring large outlays of cash, some not. First, you can advertise your brand so that people recognize it when they … Continue reading

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Are you an old school customer marketer?

“Broadcast the message and they will come!”  “Segment my broadcast and I will have better response.”  Both of these time–honored methods of reaching our customers have worked for as long as there was print and radio–TV to get the message … Continue reading

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Whoa. Wow! Hmmm. Yes! (How Steve Jobs got it right.)

Credit Dr. Mark Goulston with this headline.  Mark teaches that there is a process to innovation that can be summed up with these four words.  In fact, he states, that’s exactly how Steve Jobs described his “aha moment.”  So let’s … Continue reading

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